Friday, April 21, 2017

Get Messy Contrast - Weeks 1-3

It's felt like these last three weeks have flown by. It's been busy over hear in my little art area (we're also within the first 20 days of the #100dayproject), so I'm grouping together the first three weeks of the Season of Contrast with Get Messy Art Journal. This season our guest artist/teacher/mentor is Amy Maricle and I've really been enjoying her prompts and I'm using those as a way to turn art journaling into a form of meditation. I find it's making it easier to let go of my inner critic.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Spreads in progress

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Colour Blast - Purple

Purple is a color I'm very comfortable with and use often. So for this color blast journal, I thought I'd keep the spreads more minimalist so that the purple really stands out. Purple is a color associated with royalty, enlightenment and femininity, so I tired to keep these in mind while working on the pages.


  Color blast is a collaborative art journal project and we're now about halfway through! Don't forget to check out the other journals: Vanessa, Julia, Lauren Brown, Lauren Blood, Riet, and Moriah.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Colour Blast - Greenery

This round, it was my turn to play with Lauren Brown's green journal and it just reinforced my love of this color. When I first started this project I had in mind to try to keep each page and spread with the main color only. But I realized that there's nothing like contrasting colors to add extra interest and enhancement. 

Don't forget to visit all the other lovely artists to see how the journals are coming along: Lauren Brown, Julia, Vanessa, Riet, Lauren Blood and Moriah.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Get Messy Art 101 - Week 4

 This week Get Messy focused on felt tip markers. While I've used markers before, I've never fully explored how they react with water. I added a lot of water and the end result looks like a nebula, so I'm not complaining! I also layered some circles without adding water, so there would be contrast and also so that you could also see individual brushstrokes.

I started by drawing and coloring in three groups of circles. I then took a paint brush, dipped it in water and then splattered it over the circles. I've never done this before, so I added a lot of water. The color pulls away very quickly, so I could've easily used less water to get a more controlled effect. 

I added some subtle journaling around the golden circles and then outlines the various shapes and colors that the water created. 

For my art journal spread I also added water to smear some of the marker lines. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Get Messy Art 101 - Week 3

This season Get Messy is breaking up the weeks into themes and this week we focused on acrylics. Now I'll admit there was a time I couldn't stand acrylic paint. It dried to quickly and I could never get a nice blend between the colors with out brushstrokes showing. So it's a bit funny that now those are the quality of acrylic I like best. 

For this week's study (that's what I'm going to call these large 22"x30" pieces) I went full on abstract. This type of all over pattern I've been seeing a lot recently and wanted to try. I took advantage of the various properties of acrylic paint to achieve it. Overall I'm happy with it but my favorite is how I let go of trying to write perfectly and embraced my often sloppy handwriting for some "hidden" journaling. This way the writing also creates an organic pattern that helps to break up more traditional shapes and blocks of color. 

And for my own record, these are my art journal spreads for the week of acrylic, inspired by a prompt and tutorial. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Get Messy Art 101 - Week 2

This week was about texture. And I'm proud of myself for actually taking the time to notice new textures around me. My favorite thing I found was actually a piece of packaging in some junk mail. It was this really plasticy styrofoam that I used to stamp the silver paint with.

The yellow paint definitely dictated the colors of this, since it was sprayed first over texture paste. I used textured paper, thread, foil, and stamping to create different textures. I also like the slight dimension achieved from using the bubble mailer. 

For this season's art journal, I've settled on a color scheme. I'm just loving how they all go together at the moment and how minimal it's looking right now. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Get Messy Art 101 - Week 1

This new Get Messy season is all about changes for me. I'll be posting my Get Messy Habit on Sundays, so I have time to work through all the extra prompts that we are getting now. Also I'm mainly working on a large 22"x30" piece of watercolor paper and I want to give myself time to complete whatever that turns out to be.

Towards the end of this week, I did miss working in a journal, so I grabbed one I had made a few months ago and I'll be using that as well.

The first week's theme was all about watercolor. So I used watercolor, gouache and paint pens on this piece. I had no plan or idea of where this would go when I started working on it. This definitely evolved over the week and I just kept adding to it everyday until I thought it was done.


As for my journal I just made one quick spread that I really love. It may be my favorite one yet. I made a watercolor color chart last weekend and ever since, I've been obsessed with color swatches. I need to remember that and make them a go to element in my work. 

I've had a set of gouache for a while, but never gotten around to using it. I was actually thinking of adding it to my purge pile when we got a prompt to use gouache to paint faces. It was fun to make these but I need to work more with gouache to figure out the proper consistency. I tend to add to much water at this point. 

I'm really looking forward to getting started on my next 22"x30". Can't wait to see what prompts and tutorials next week brings!